No Stalls in Admin Centre Jobs for Saskatchewan Horse Federation

For the Saskatchewan Horse Federation, it doesn’t matter who they talk to or deal with at the Administration Centre Printing Services because Executive Director, Audrey Price, says they are all fabulous.

“The people we deal with understand what we’re trying to achieve,” Audrey said. “It’s very easy to have a dialogue with them about our needs.”

Audrey admits that many of the jobs that they give the Admin Centre—full-colour calendars, membership packages, stall signs, newsletters and more—have a very tight timeline, but she says that everything is still completed on time or ahead of time.

“When we printed our rule book (about 90 pages and coiled), we thought it would take two weeks. It took them about four days!” she exclaimed.

That kind of quick turnaround, and the competitive pricing that goes with it, has led Audrey to reach out to the clubs within her organization to encourage them to use the services as well.