Message from the Chair

The 2018-19 fiscal year was exciting and full of celebration. Sask Sport and its associated entities continued to work with its many partners, volunteers, members and communities to strengthen its leadership and impact in Saskatchewan.

I am proud to have acted as Chair of this impressive network, and fortunate to serve with so many experienced professionals. Teamwork is alive and well within the lottery-funded volunteer system, and on behalf of the amateur sport community and Sask Sport, I want to thank everyone for their generous contribution of time, effort, passion and talent.

Saskatchewan Lotteries is unique in Canada as a non-profit organization that empowers the volunteer community. This type of system puts ownership in the hands of the volunteers and allows communities to make decisions that meet their specific needs. The Lottery-funded volunteer network of highly skilled professionals serve on boards, coach teams, nurture talent, lead fitness groups and much more, working tirelessly to make dreams happen.

I am honoured to be a part of such important work with long-lasting and far-reaching benefits for Saskatchewan.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Government of Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport for the five-year renewal of the lottery licence agreement and their continued support of the Saskatchewan Lotteries system. This system champions healthy, active lifestyles, provides safe and quality opportunities, reduces barriers to participation, celebrates excellence, recognizes achievements, shapes leaders and contributes to inclusive and welcoming communities.

Together, we are building a remarkable province that I am #SaskProud to call home.

Leslie Blyth
Volunteer Board Chair

Volunteer Board of Directors

Leslie Blyth, Chair
Darren Wilcox, Past Chair
Elan Ballantyne, Vice Chair, Lotteries
Al Dyer, Vice Chair, Trust
Kenric Exner, Secretary/Treasurer
Dale Reed, Vice Chair, Sport
Misty Alexandre
Jessie Buydens
Carol Chernishenko
Todd Hollinger
Angella Pinay
Josh Shankowsky
Murray Stroeder