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Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) Resources

Canadian Sport for Life Resource Paper
This document outlines the 10 key factors influencing LTAD and the stages of LTAD as they apply to athletes and sport in Canada. Serving as an introduction to LTAD, CS4L discusses the impact of LTAD on parents, coaches, clubs, sport science and the education system. CS4L is the first Canadian LTAD document published.

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Developing Physical Literacy -
A Guide For Parents of Children Ages 0 to 12

Physical literacy is the development of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit a child to move confidently and with control, in a wide range of physical activity, rhythmic (dance) and sport situations.

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Athletes with a Disability - No Accidental Champions
This supplementary document outlines how the LTAD model applies to athletes with a disability (AWAD) and discusses additional factors to be considered when working with AWADs, including additional stages and the 10 key factors that influence LTAD for AWADs.

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A Sport Parent's Guide
NEW! A supplementary document that introduces the stages of the CS4L model and provides guidance for parent's of active children

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Canadian Sport for Life Poster
This fold out brochure describes the stages of LTAD along with inspiring quotes from exceptional Canadian athletes depicting how their journey in sport has followed the stages of LTAD.

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The Role of Monitoring Growth in Long-Term Athlete Development
Istvan Balyi & Richard Way
This document is intended for coaches who have a solid working knowledge of periodizing annual programs. We hope that the information provided in this document will help coaches develop and deliver training, competition and recovery programs that are specific to the developmental level of the individual(s) they are coaching.

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