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National Sport Organizations (NSO's) -
Long Term Athlete Development Plans

  • Athletics Canada - Long Term Athlete Development

  • Biathlon Canada - Long Term Athlete Development

  • Canadian Freestyle Ski Association - Long Term Athlete Development

  • Canadian Snowboard Federation - Vision 2020

  • Cross Country Skiing - A Sport for Life

  • Rowing Canada - Long Term Athlete Development

  • Royal Canadian Golf Association -
         Long Term Player Development Guide for Golf in Canada

  • Speed Skating Canada - Find your Edge

  • Synchro Canada - Catch the Wave of the Future!

  • Volleyball Canada - Volleyball for Life

  • WaterSki and Wakeboard Canada - Waking Up Champions

    Other Programs

    LEAP BC™ - Literacy, Education, Activity and Play
    LEAP BC™ provides children from birth to age five with a strong foundation in literacy, physical activity and healthy eating, through fun activities and play. This new program values the learning and bonding that happen when children and caregivers play together.

    Action Schools! BC
    Action Schools! BC is a best practices model designed to assist schools in creating individualized action plans to promote healthy living.