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CS4L Resources Order Form

Thank you for your interest in Canadian Sport for Life! The CS4L Resources are available free of charge, but in limited amounts. Please complete the following order form and if you wish to order more than maximum amount, you will be contacted with information on the costs involved.

NOTE: All resources can be downloaded free of charge

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CS4L Resources# of Copies
Canadian Sport for Life Resource Paper
Max: 10 copies
Developing Physical Literacy - A Guide For Parents of Children Ages 0 to 12
Max: 20 copies
Athletes with a Disability -
No Accidental Champions

Max: 10 copies
Canadian Sport for Life – A Parent’s Guide
Max: 20 copies
No Accidental Champions Poster
Max: 10 copies
Canadian Sport for Life Poster
Max: 25 copies

   I wish to be contacted to place a larger order of resources.