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The online Respect in Sport Activity Leaders/Coach Program educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants (14-years and up) to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It may be the single most important training your leaders will receive to assist them in creating a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all participants!

Respect in Sport

All active, registered coaches and activity leaders of our provincial sport membership are required to complete the program.

Sask Sport, along with the support of the Government of Saskatchewan, has launched this required program for coaches in the province to help provide a safer and more respectful sporting environment for all to participate. The online training program for coaches and activity leaders is provided free of charge for all users.

The sport system believes strongly in this program and the values it promotes, therefore coaches who have not completed the course will be unable to volunteer in the capacity of coach until the certification is reached. Provincial Sport Organizations are responsible for establishing specific policies and timelines for implementing the requirement for their coaches.

Four Respect in Sport online training options are available in Saskatchewan.

Within these programs, you have the option to:

  • Register – if new to the program
  • Recertify
  • Import Your Certificate
  • Look up Certificate Number
  • Edit Profile & Select which sports you are coaching

The Respect in Sport curriculum consists of seven modules and takes approximately three hours to complete. It can be completed in one or multiple sittings. There is no examination component. Once the course has been completed, a certificate verifying completion is generated. Coaches completing the Respect in Sport certification will be tracked through the Respect in Sport database and each sport will have access to this database to determine if their registered coaches have completed the course. Coaches will need to complete the course once every five years or less, depending on mandates from National Sport Organizations, even if they coach in multiple sports.

If you need technical assistance with the Respect in Sport training (i.e., if you are having computer problems with the Respect in Sport modules freezing, or not advancing, etc.) visit support.respectgroupinc.com


The Respect in Sport program was developed by Respect Group Inc., along with the Canadian Red Cross, to help protect youth, inform leaders and diminish the liability of an organization. Specific program topics include definitions of bullying, abuse, harassment, neglect and discrimination, cyber-bullying, hazing, the use of power, emotions, how to respond, reporting, moral and legal issues and development.

“I am very pleased to see that Sask Sport and the Government of Saskatchewan are implementing the Respect in Sport program province-wide. It is a testament to proactive leadership and a strong commitment to making child protection a Saskatchewan priority.”

- Sheldon Kennedy, Co-Founder Respect Group Inc. 1


Respect Resource Line

If you would like to connect with an expert regarding a situation that involves possible bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination or hazing, and organization-specific risk management and dispute resolution models, contact the confidential and anonymous Respect Resource Line at:
TOLL FREE 1-888-329-4009
TEXT 1-306-717-9636

Read more about the Respect Resource Line

Sask Sport strives to make sport in Saskatchewan as safe as possible and welcoming for all participants. Keeping sport healthy, safe and fun has been a priority of Sask Sport for decades and we actively work with our membership and partners to fulfill that goal.

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1 Sask Sport Inc. “Sask Sport Announced the Respect in Sport On-line program for Coaches.” Media Release, February 25, 2013