Jasmine Runge Regina Baton

Although baton admittedly wasn't the first sport she was interested in, Jasmine Runge is glad she decided to give it a twirl.

"I wanted to play hockey originally, but the cold air in the arena set off my asthma, so my mom put me in baton in the hope that it would to build up my lung strength," Runge said. "My mom thought that baton would be best for me because she also did baton at a young age. Once in baton, I quickly fell in love and never stopped."

It's the opportunity to create her own routines and special tricks that most appeals to Runge about the sport. She also enjoys meeting other people from around the world and being part of "something that is bigger than just me."

Runge is a finalist in the 2017 Youth-Female Athlete of the Year for the Saskatchewan Sport Awards-an annual awards program of Sask Sport Inc. designed to celebrate and promote the outstanding achievements of Saskatchewan amateur athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.

At the Grand National Championships, she finished first in solo, 2 baton, 3 baton and duet (with Julee Stewart). One of the accomplishments that stands out for Runge was receiving the 2017 Sharon Holiday Sportsmanship Award. "This was a surreal experience for me because there are a lot of people who can go out there and win and be happy with that, but the fact that I was nominated by someone else and won for showing that I can be a good sport is something I will never forget," she said.

"I always try to be a good role model to the other athletes in my sport. I try to show them to always be happy for your competitors. You may be off your game some days, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be happy for the other competitors who did well. This year, in particular, I tried to set the example that there may be some bumps in the road - I dealt with a big injury - but if you are really passionate about something, then you should never stop doing the things you love."

What makes Jasmine Runge #SaskProud?
"I am #SaskProud because it's amazing to see just how many highly competitive athletes Saskatchewan has in so many different sports and organizations from such a small population. I am #SaskProud in my sport because our province does extremely well at both the national and international level, and I have the opportunity to have so many athletes from Saskatchewan to look up to. I am also #SaskProud because Sask athletes have so much support from Sask Sport. Without this organization, there would not be as many opportunities for athletes as there are. I also have the opportunity to work with one of the best coaches in the world, Maureen Johnson."

For more information on our Saskatchewan Sport Awards program please visit www.sasksport.sk.ca/SportAwards. This program can also be found on social media in support of the #SaskSportAwards and the #SaskProud campaign on twitter @CSCSaskatchewan and Facebook CSC Saskatchewan.


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