The Officials' Award aims to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements and significant contributions of male and female officials to amateur sport. The selection of the recipients is based on their dedication, history, and achievements in officiating. The award will be presented to one male and one female official.

The 2019 Saskatchewan Sport Awards nominations are open until midnight December 6, 2019.

Nomination Criteria

An Active or Affiliate member can nominate 1 official per category for this award (e.g. one male & one female) per year. All persons are eligible whether their achievements as an amateur sport official are volunteer-based or remunerated.

To be eligible to receive an Officials' Award, the official must:

  • Be officiating in an amateur sport that is recognized as an Active member of Sask Sport Inc.

  • Be actively officiating during the year of the nomination and be a member in good standing with the provincial sport organization.

  • Have his/her primary residence within Saskatchewan.

  • Hold officials' certification standards in accordance with their sport's nationally recognized officials' training program.

  • Consent to the nomination.

  • Consent to a video recording or provide suitable photos/video footage for the awards presentation, if chosen as a recipient.

  • Not have been a recipient of a Volunteer Award in the past (in whole or in part for their officiating contributions).

  • Not have been a recipient of the Officials' Award in the past.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations can only be made by Active and Affiliate members of Sask Sport Inc. (the media and general public are encouraged to bring forth any nominations to an Active or Affiliate member for their consideration).

  • All nominations must be submitted by an authorized signing authority of the nominating organization.

  • All nominees must validate that the information being submitted is true and accurate.

  • All nominations must include the required information requested in the nomination form.

  • All nominations must be submitted by utilizing the Sask Sport Inc. Official Online Nomination Form. Handwritten or other submitted nominations will not be accepted.

  • Previous on-line nominations, for up to 3 years, can be up-dated and re-submitted in the categories of: Coach Male & Female Dedication, Official Male & Female and Volunteer awards.

  • NO ACRONYMS PLEASE: When completing the online nomination forms please do not use acronyms. Please spell out in full all competitions, events and awards. This will assist our Future Best & Awards Committee on reviewing the nominations.

  • The deadline for nominations is midnight December 6, 2019. The Future Best & Awards Committee has the right to not consider late submissions.

  • The final decision regarding official eligibility will rest with Sask Sport Inc. All decisions shall be final.

  • If you are nominating an official from a sport that may not be "well-known" to committee members (e.g. Goalball in Blind Sport, Sailing, etc.) please feel free to include an overview of the sport so that the Future Best & Awards Committee gains a better understanding of the skill, challenges and complexity of officiating that sport.

Selection Process

  • Nominations will be available online to each Active & Affiliate member of Sask Sport Inc.

  • Nomination deadline for the Saskatchewan Sport Awards is
    midnight December 6, 2019.

  • The Sask Sport Inc. Future Best & Awards Committee will review the nominations and select the award recipients. Award finalists are not selected in this category.

  • The Officials' Award recipients will be selected by the Future Best & Awards Committee and notified by Sask Sport Inc.

  • The Officials' Award recipients will be announced through a media release to all Saskatchewan media and PSGBs.

Selection Criteria

This award is designed to recognize & honour the outstanding accomplishments and contributions that an Official has made to his/her sport, athletes, and community over a number of years. This award is dedicated to recognizing history, dedication, and achievement in the area of officiating.

The following attributes will be used to determine the selection:

  1. Contribution to Sport
    1. Total number of years the official has been actively officiating at the community, provincial, national, and/or international levels.
    2. Contributions to officials' development or officials' education.

  2. Personal Development & Success
    1. Highest level of certification the nominee has attained through their sport's recognized officials' training certification program.
    2. Other clinics, seminars, or Officials' education programs the nominee has attended.
    3. Recognition (i.e. awards) the nominee has received for his or her officiating contributions to sport.
    4. Significant officiating accomplishments (i.e. key assignments, major competitions worked, etc) the nominee has achieved during his/her officiating career.

  3. Officiating Ethics
    1. How the nominee has shown respect for athletes & coaches, integrity in relationships, and honour to their sport.















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