Cathy Watts

Dreams need to start somewhere. Riding my bike across Canada frequently occupied my thoughts. When I heard about the Trans Canada Trail it seemed like the perfect route. That was close to 20 years ago. Not having ridden more than a few km in a day, it was going to be a long trip!

When I learned that the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) was going to form the Saskatchewan Trails Association (STA) and that the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) would become a part of the responsibility of this group, I jumped at the chance to attend a stakeholders meeting in North Battleford. My idea was to help get this trail going so that I could begin my journey.

Nine years later I now find myself as President of STA and pleased to report that I received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal that was presented by the Governor General during the 100th anniversary of the Legislature. I was nominated by the TCT for my volunteer efforts in working towards the promotion of the trail in Saskatchewan.

My dreams have morphed into many incredible bike trips with my friends and husband to many places in Canada, Europe and New Zealand. It is a complete experience of all of your senses. In many ways I wish I had started this mode of travel forty years ago because I love it so much. Now I'm looking forward to going on a bike trip with my grandchildren in a few years.

Trails are so important for active transportation. If you "build a trail they will come" has been proven to me over and over in many places in Canada and the world.