Mimi Lodoen

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) Fitness Leadership Award is presented to a current SPRA Certified Fitness Leader who is a strong and successful promoter of fitness and physical activity in their community. An individual that demonstrates a healthy, active lifestyle and is a role model for others in the community. The individual must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the fitness industry as an active instructor and advocate for the field.

Mimi started her career as a Fitness Instructor in the mid 80's and then, after graduating from SIAST in 1990, worked as the Fitness and Wellness Director for the YWCA of Saskatoon. Throughout those ten years, Mimi assisted women of all ages in achieving their lifestyle goals, and continues to do so to this day.

Mimi is a tireless advocate for the delivery and development of fitness and lifestyle programs in Saskatchewan and particularly within the community of Saskatoon. She is the founder of many great exercise and weight management courses in Saskatoon including the "Lose Weight, Feel Great" program, as well as the Aqua Bootcamp. She has also developed a series of healthy lifestyle workshops that she has presented throughout the province for several years, and now uses these in her current position.

Mimi works as Healthy Workplace Educator for the Saskatoon Health Region where she manages three Fitness Centres, as well as develops and implements healthy workplace programs for the employees. In addition, she teaches a variety of classes throughout the city including yoga, aqua fitness, group cycling, bootcamp and more. She is also an SPRA Fitness Leadership Program Course Conductor, facilitating certification courses in Theory, Aquatic Fitness and Group Exercise, delivering them in both Saskatoon and the rural areas of Saskatchewan. She has presented at SaskFit Conferences, has been the Chairperson of the SaskFit Committee (numerous times) and was recently re-elected for a second term as an SPRA Board Member.

Mimi is an advocate and role model in the fitness and physical activity field as she has made this her passion and her career. Her ability to share her passion for fitness and healthy living has assisted others in adopting regular physical activity into their lives. Mimi encourages and mentors new instructors to succeed in the field and shares her experience and knowledge whenever she can. She believes that we, as Fitness Leaders, coaches, teachers and recreation providers all have a role to play in helping those in our communities live healthy lives.